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  Let’s face it, life is hard; it comes with ups and downs and no true road map of how to make it out successfully.

Courtney and Jennifer share pieces of their personal journeys through life in hopes of inspiring their readers not to give up because of their current situation, and instead make the choice to live the life they want.

  Geared toward the unique challenge’s life has to offer The Choice is Yours provides readers with real life experiences, lessons, and advice for taking life by the horns, staying motivated, and addressing the tough stuff like “doing your work”, overcoming trauma, assessing relationships, protecting your energy, and taking a long good look in the mirror. Ultimately getting "you" to see the beauty life has to offer now while on your journey and not in retrospect. Each chapter ends with a section for each reader to journal, answer hard questions, and reflect on their life, in a sense a start to address and acknowledge the work they need to do. 

      Courtney Gardner (right) is the Author, Owner, & Success Coach of The Art of Ascending LLC


With a passion for helping others, Courtney started her career as a mentor for at-risk youth. She then went on to become a Social Worker who advocates for, links, and stabilizes, developmentally disabled individuals, children and families in the mental & behavioral health community. With over ten years of experience in the field, Courtney found that she has a natural gift to motivate those around her. She decided to further her education by obtaining her Masters in Human Service Counseling with a minor in Life Coaching. It is Courtney’s hope to work with motivated individuals and to provide guidance for clients who crave progression and Ascension. 


JenniferGregg, (left) B.A., M.S. is a certified life coach and founder of J. Gregg’s Journey Innovations, LLC (JGJI).

Through her modern-day coaching business, Jennifer a.k.a. Coach Jen, provides both in-person and virtual sessions for individuals and groups, as well as
life skills training, corporate team building workshops, and empowerment/motivational talks for youth and adults. Jennifer's passion is helping people live their best lives. Beyond

her authoritative qualifications, Coach Jen’s own story of overcoming childhood trauma and rebuilding after a parental loss, gives her a unique perspective on what it takes to heal, organize, and thrive.

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